How do Children of Different Ages Buy Jigsaw Puzzles?

Jigsaw puzzles have always been one of the children’s favorite toys. By observing the missing jigsaw puzzles, we can fully challenge children’s endurance. Children of different ages have different requirements for the selection and use of jigsaw puzzles. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right puzzle.


When purchasing puzzles, we should comprehensively consider the material, pattern, printing, cutting, and other aspects. Let’s learn more about the purchase of 3D Wood Dinosaur Jigsaw Toys.


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How to buy jigsaw puzzles?


  1. Puzzle material


Material is a factor that can best reflect the quality of jigsaw puzzles. Generally, the materials of jigsaw puzzles include paper, wood, plastic, and so on. The puzzles suitable for children are made of wood and paper. The thickness and hardness of the puzzles should be observed when purchasing. The thicker, harder, and more compact wooden puzzles are more playable.


  1. Pattern content


Animal Wooden Jigsaws are mostly composed of animals, numbers, letters, characters, vehicles, etc. although any pattern can be used for jigsaw puzzles, for children, there should be some selectivity. Simple and lovely Wooden Jigsaw Owls are more popular with children.


  1. Printing quality


The restoration degree of color and the firmness of color printing affect the quality of Wooden Jigsaw Owls. When purchasing jigsaw puzzles, you can choose jigsaw puzzles with rich colors and a transition nature. The patterns are rich in color details to avoid repetition in Wooden Jigsaw Owl.


  1. Cutting and biting


The cutting of the Animal Wooden Jigsaw is very particular. The edges of the cut jigsaw puzzles are neat but not sharp, and will not cut children’s fingers. The tightness between the Animal Wooden Jigsaws should be moderate, which is conducive to children’s ease and not loose.


How do children of different ages buy jigsaw puzzles?


  • 0-1 years old: look at the pattern


Babies aged 0-12 months have limited activity space due to their immature physical development. Therefore, this period is more suitable for him to see some brightly colored, clear lines and large patterns. Try to choose the four primary colors of red, yellow, blue, and green to prepare for the development of the baby’s visual image cognition.


  • 1-2 years old: playing with assembled toys


Babies around the age of 1 can walk, broaden their horizons, and greatly improve their cognitive ability to understand things and images. During this period, you can give your baby some simple three-dimensional toys that can be assembled.


  • 2-3 years old: mosaic puzzle


Children over 2 years old are in a period of rapid cognitive development. The puzzles based on the familiar shapes of daily necessities and fruits are easy for children to recognize and hold in their hands.


Animal Wooden Jigsaws have geometric shapes and animal image outlines, which can allow children to put the puzzle pieces into the shape cut in advance. In particular, Animal Wooden Jigsaw, because different animals have their looks and characteristics, children are easier to identify, which can reduce the difficulty of children playing with puzzles and increase their interest in activities.


  • 3-5 years old: animal or cartoon puzzle


At this stage, children can’t play jigsaw puzzles independently and need the help of adults. Some children may not be very interested in jigsaw puzzles. Therefore, you can find your child’s favorite picture books or puzzles of cartoons, or animal images that often appear on TV to stimulate his interest.


The 3D Wood Dinosaur Jigsaw Toys pieces are less and the shape is relatively simple, and the more obvious the difference between the 3D Wood Dinosaur Jigsaw Toys pieces, the more conducive it is for children to assemble. Children can choose their favorite patterns, which will make them more like puzzles.


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Post time: Jul-12-2022